‘Dive In’ by SUPERFLEX

In an age where scientific messages are under attack from ignorant orange-faced baby-men, we try to spread our work in broader circles than academia. We are always thrilled to work with artists and creators all over the world to open up conversations around animal intelligence, conservation, and human-animal co-habitation.

We have the great fortune to work with many people from the art world. Recently, Alex was at DESERTX with friends from SUPERFLEX and TBA21-Academy, presenting ‘Dive In’ (above) by SUPERFLEX, which was born while we were together diving in the South Pacific. From these beginnings, PhD student Anja Wegner will do her thesis at the interface of art and science, exploring new ways of knowledge generation and communication.

We also work closely with Studio Tomas Saraceno to uncover the fine scale structure (and beauty) of spiderwebs. Alex gave a talk at Tomas’ recent exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, where work from our collaboration was also on display, and Alex was a presenter at the Venice Biennale.


We’ve recently been hanging out with mp warming, and work from our collaboration in Corsica is about the take off on a solar and wind powered voyage across the open oceans. We also have exhibitions coming up at the BIOTOPIA SENSE festival.

Additionally, we’ve been hanging out with Cecilia Bengolea, Jonsi, and CM von Hausswolff, so you never know where things will head there.

Finally, we are very active in connecting our work in science with education and outreach in other institutes. Alex and Anja recently gave a workshop at the Institut Kunst Basel with Filipa Ramos, we were at RAVE Residency, and we’ll soon be at Atelier Luma.

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