In our lab we have many divers, and are always interested in having more people get to know the underwater world. Our diving work is conducted under the auspices of the European Scientific Diving Panel and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

Dive Team


Alex has done a few dives around the place, is a registered American Academy of Underwater Sciences and European Scientific Diving Committee dive mission leader, a PADI Rescue Diver, and has been a sitting member of the Kommission Forschungstauchen Deutschland.


Karina and Zoe are both Divemasters who can now switch their attention from making sure newbies keep their regs in, on to exploring the depths with science on their minds.


Myri, Anja, Lukas, Paul, and Jakob came into the lab with limited diving experience, but have now spent many hundreds of hours underwater watching fish in Corsica, Jamaica, and Tanganyika.


Aneesh and Fritz came into the lab already as scientific divers, and have been on a great many dive missions since.


Etienne and Ian heavily biased their underwater experience towards African freshwater lakes on their tours to Tanganyika, racking up dives in the hundreds since joining the lab.

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