Teaching and Outreach


Alex teaches Collective Animal Behaviour (Masters level) and Animal Behaviour (Undergraduate) with Iain Couzin at the University of Konstanz. Alex also coordinates and teaches the summer field course Quantitative and Computational Methods in Animal Behaviour, which is run in two locations – first in Corsica in collaboration with the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour, and second in Costa Rica in conjunction with the Organisation for Tropical Studies. For these courses, Alex was nominated for a LUKS teaching award in 2018.

Very soon, in collaboration with Meg Crofoot and Ari Strandburg-Peshkin, we will also be teaching the Masters field course Field Research in Behavioural Ecology.



Our work is often media friendly, and we like to talk about science and fieldwork in places like National Geographic channel, where Alex explored the neurological basis of human decisions as part of the Emmy-award nominated show Brain Games, and through public talks and engagement with artists like SUPERFLEX and Tomas Saraceno.

In addition to writing for academic journals, Alex has also written opinion pieces and aquarium hobbyist columns at places like The Conversation and Practical Fishkeeping.