Outreach and Teaching

I like to talk about science and fieldwork, and have had the chance to do so in a variety of media, including on National Geographic channel, where I explored the neurological basis of human decisions as part of the Emmy-award nominated show Brain Games,
as well as through public talks and engagement with artists like SUPERFLEX and Tomas Saraceno

I teach as part of three courses at the University of Konstanz. The first course is my own Quantitative Methods in Marine Behavioural Ecology, an advanced Masters field course split between STARESO field station and Lake Konstanz, which I co-teach with Prof Michael Taborsky at the University of Bern. I also teach Collective Animal Behaviour (Masters level) and Animal Behaviour (Undergraduate) alongside Prof Iain Couzin.

In addition to writing for academic journals (see my research website at collectivebehaviour.com), I also enjoy writing opinion pieces and aquarium hobbyist columns at places like The Conversation and Practical Fishkeeping.

A long time ago as a student, I got up on stage and explained in less than three minutes why Tiger Woods will die young.